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Linear Tape Open (LTO) is a magnetic tape storage technology that was originally developed in the late nineties as an open standard alternative to the own magnetic tape formats available at that time. With the introduction of LTO Ultrium, tape has defined and dominated the market.

Now in 2017-2018, the LTO tape is mainly used as backup and, increasingly, as archiving medium. Due to the low purchasing costs, the enormous capacity and scalability and longevity, it remains the best solution for safeguarding large to very large amounts of data (terabytes-petabytes).

The best tapes

LTO Ultrium tapes

Backup Tapes Int. - LTO7 Backup Tapes Int. - triangle-grey

LTO 7 tape

  • Fuji LTO 7
  • HP LTO 7
  • IBM LTO 7
  • Oracle LTO 7
  • Quantum LTO 7
  • Sony LTO 7
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Backup Tapes Int. - LTO6 Backup Tapes Int. - triangle-grey

LTO 6 tape

  • Fuji LTO 6
  • HP LTO 6
  • IBM LTO 6
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Backup Tapes Int. - LTO5 Backup Tapes Int. - triangle-grey

LTO 5 tape

  • Fuji LTO 5
  • HP LTO 5
  • IBM LTO 5
  • Oracle LTO 5
  • Quantum LTO 5
  • Sony LTO 5
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Backup Tapes Int. - LTO4 Backup Tapes Int. - triangle-grey

LTO 4 tape

  • Fuji LTO 4
  • HP LTO 4
  • IBM LTO 4
  • Quantum LTO 4
  • Sony LTO 4
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Backup Tapes Int. - triangle Centric

“We have been working with BackupNed for over ten years now. Why? Our customers are satisfied. And as long as our customers are satisfied, we are too.”

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Backup Tapes Int. - refentie tui Backup Tapes Int. - refentie centric
Backup Tapes Int. - Logo-Campina Backup Tapes Int. - Logo-IHC


LTO TAPE development

We can advise you which tapes best suit your needs. This guarantees you will buy tapes of the correct capacity, quality and durability. Always provided with unique barcode labels.

Over the decades, the development of tapes has seen significant changes. Recent years have seen a major developments of LTO Ultrium tapes. This latest generation of tapes can store up to 120TB of data, data which can be uploaded at unprecedented speeds.

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Backup Tapes Int. - Dirk en Peter
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